Start your own business and earn extra money by partnering with us

You can earn money by joining our reseller plan.

Provide the best TV service to your customers and in addition to earn money for yourself, satisfy your customers with the Best TV service in quality and TV Channels and VODs collection. If you are new to our service you can get a free trial account and test the server for 36 hours. Test line is a full access line to all TV Channels and VODs for 1 full Day.


 Once you order credits, we will send you a username and password for your IPTV panel.


All your customer needs is a compatible device and a 30Mbps internet speed connection.


 Earn from every subscription you sell for to your customers. You can give  free trials to help build your business.


First you need to subscribe for plan according the credits you need.

You need to find your own customers. Here are some tips:

  • You can create a website
  • Send post on online forums
  • Create a social media channel like Facebook
  • Email Marketing
  • You also can find customers locally.

You can price service for your customers as you want. For example you can send a 1 month line 15$ to your customers.

Whenever you sold a subscription to your customer, open reseller panel, create a line and send it to your customer.

You can ask for more credits whenever you need.

  • Create 10 Test line daily
  • Unlimited Credits capacity
  • Create M3U, M3U8, Mag and Enigma2 lines
  • Support Single line and Multiroom
  • Can create 1 month, 3 & 6 & 12 Months connection
  • Full manage to all Paid and test line to modify
  • Extend expired and active lines
  • Customize Playlist of your customer
  • Put your own domain as portal URL
  • Maintenance of server by RIT TV
  • Support of resellers by RIT TV
How Credits System works?
  • For example there is 10 Credits in your reseller panel.
  • You sell a 1 month subscription to your customer for 15 USD.
  • By creating a 1 months line 1 Credits will be deduct from your panel and 9 credits will remain.
  • You earn 15 USD and you lose 1 Credits so your profit will be $5 USD for this account.

If you have any questions regarding the RESELLER PLANS please feel free to contact us!

What do our customers think?


WOW TRUE 1080P ON SPORTS CHANNELS, very impressed so far and the choice of channels is huge.


Great experience  with fast and friendly service. The services works great and I could not be more pleased! Keep up the good work guys!

Reuben Leach

Excellent service…had no issues whatsoever…recommended it to all my friends.

Stephen Smith

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